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On Postage Rates USA to Australia

Extravagant logistics expenses have traditionally made it difficult for U.S. retailers to tap into lucrative overseas markets. Shipping just one 10lb box from Los Angeles, CA to Melbourne, for example, can easily cost upwards of $1,100 if you use UPS, DHL, FedEx, or the U.S. Postal Service. In response to this, many vendors have turned to merchant shipping, but this can add months to delivery times. In today’s world of free domestic shipping and online retailers, customers simply aren’t willing to pay high fees, or wait weeks for their purchases to arrive. Ozgateway offers a better way by providing a lower postage cost from USA to Australia.

There are a few key reasons why the postage rates from USA to Australia has traditionally been so high. The first is distance, as it’s roughly 8,000 miles from New Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia. Traveling halfway around the world requires a lot of fuel, and inefficient routing can quickly bring your costs up. But distance is just one small contributing factor to the price you pay.A second reason your postage cost from USA to Australia can be so ridiculous is the larger logistics companies, who handle over 95{f7a08f8f6a9662a94c6c3978883112a80b1893034a76eeb7dfed16f7c15975be} of all commercial shipments worldwide, have incredible overhead. FedEx alone routinely spends over $200 million on advertising each year, and they pass these costs on to you. Additionally, they’re operating offices in dozens of countries and need to pay the salaries of hundreds of thousands of employees. And they’re not making $43 billion in revenue each year by giving you any special discounts…

You may often think of the “land down under” as being home to fun loving, laid back, and somewhat wild folks. Well in our experience this is true, but Australia also has the 12th largest economy in the world, with an annual GDP of $1.56 trillion. On top of that, 90{f7a08f8f6a9662a94c6c3978883112a80b1893034a76eeb7dfed16f7c15975be} of the AU population uses the Internet regularly, and they are the world’s 19th largest importer. Your business can no longer afford to ignore a country with such a strong economy, especially since they love purchasing American goods. And now finally, with the tremendous savings Ozgateway offers on postage rates USA to Australia, you won’t have to!

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