Shipping from USA

Get Lower Shipping Costs From USA To Australia Without Sacrificing Visibility

As an owner or manager of a successful retail business, you’ve probably got domestic logistics figured out. There are a wide variety of carriers in the U.S. market who can quickly deliver your shipments to purchasers at a competitive price. And if your business is large enough to operate its own fleet, you likely enjoy the total visibility that such an asset provides.

But International Shipping From USA To Australia Is Different

Once your product leaves America and lands on Australia’s golden shores, things can quickly become a lot more complicated. If you’re using an industry giant such as UPS, DHL, or FedEx you’re going to end up spending a fortune. But besides suffering from that expensive cost from USA to Australia, you might also lose control of order fulfillment. Here’s why:

1. You may not know who’s actually delivering your product to your customers.

While many of the biggest names have brand recognition, you may lose this asset when engaging in international shipping from USA to Australia. This is because most of these giants actually use local contract carriers to deliver your order. So while you originally trusted your product to a well-known organization, it can soon fall into the hands of a company you know nothing about.

2. Your orders may end up buried in a remote warehouse for days.

Because many of the major shipping providers outsource to a wide assortment of contracted carriers, your products may end up in the hands of a company with no track record, and a limited infrastructure. When the inexperienced are charged with handling the delivery of your products, mistakes and delays become much more common. Besides being frustrating to you, it also leads to highly unsatisfied customers who blame your brand.

3. Order tracking becomes inaccurate.

The major logistics companies will give you a tracking number, but once your order leaves America, visibility is greatly diminished. Those same major shippers are now relying on reporting from all of their different contracted carriers – who may not be truthful or accurate. After all, if a small, unknown carrier has a contract with a company like UPS, they won’t want to jeopardize it by disclosing that they’re behind schedule on your order.

Ozgateway Brings Confidence Back To Your Shipping From USA To Australia.

In contrast to the major carriers, Ozgateway gives you total visibility, as well as a guaranteed low cost from USA to Australia. We partner with one of Australia’s best-known logistics companies, National Product Fulfillment. From the moment your product arrives at customs, you’re given a local Australia Tracking Number. You’ll always know where your product is, and will receive a confirmation upon delivery. And by leveraging the power of Australia’s last-mile leader, your products will be delivered within 24 hours.*

When it comes to cheap shipping USA to Australia, the choice is clear: Only Ozgateway brings you total visibility, prices up to 50% lower than the competition, and the capabilities of AU’s last-mile leader. Get started today by calling us, or requesting a quote online.

*Guaranteed for 80% of Australia’s population, and only excludes highly remote areas which may take a day or two longer.